4 years ago we started as a group of friends getting together and making action, vfx and comedy short films because shooting those short films was not only the way to express ourselves but yeah it was so much fun too. To this date we make short films that are entertaining and have good stories, special effects, and also give their behind the scenes.

So far we have made several short films including Soul, Gameplay, Payback and made an effort to provide tutorials on whatever editing it took to be completed using softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe after effects for video editing and Audacity, Sony sound forge for sound editing.
Even though the short films we have done till now were on a budget and made through self learned techniques one of them became an award winning short film for Best editing SOFIE award IN 2016 and many have been nominated in film festivals.Alongside short films we have been doing video editing, photoshoot, motion graphics projects for companies like Desi warrior and Helios educore.

Pre post production is a place that follows our company as we gear up for bigger and better production in the upcoming months.As we continue to push ourselves as short filmmakers we promise to take you guys along with us. Long story short it is a community built on learning, interaction and love for short films.

This website is dedicated to every enthusiast despite of his/her experience level,the amount of resources you have there will be something to learn for everyone.On prepostproduction.com you can learn about short film scripts, direction, production, editing, sound, visual effects etc. There will be regular posts including tips, tricks, tutorials and DIY projects.

Hope you'll stick around as we begin this awesome journey.