How to find cast and crew for a short film

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How to find cast and crew for a short film

How to find cast and crew for a short film
Making a short film is not one man's job and finding the right cast and crew members is one of the most important steps that you'll have to go through to make a successful short film. Unless you cast the right actors for your short film, there is a good chance that your film will flop. And, if the crew fails to work as a team, the short film cannot be completed. There are many questions that will come to your mind like, “How to find actors and crew for a short film?’’, ’’ Where to find them?” and so on. Do not worry, we've tried to answer most of them and we will help you to find the cast and crew for your next short film.

To complete a cast and crew, you'll have to collect two teams namely "Cast" and "Crew":
⦁ Cast is what you call the group of people acting in your film.
⦁ Crew is the team of people who will work behind the scenes to help you complete the short film. They are people who will handle things like lighting, sound,camera etc.

It is very important to know your script thoroughly. What you need to do is absorb the script, know the plot and characters thoroughly and then decide which character will be good for that actor. As a beginner short filmmaker, it is not necessary for you to hire a professional cast and crew. You can always take help from family, friends and relatives.


How to Find Actors:

>> Let's talk about casting. When working on a short film, most of the time we have to work with amateurs. So try to cast people who are not shy because they will act easily on anything you ask them to and will not give an unnatural look in front of the camera as a shy person would. And cast as many real life people as you can. For example, if you want a watchman for a scene try to cast a real watchman, it will be more natural for him to act that way but keep in mind that they completely rely on you to show them what to do and how to do it. So instead of just giving them the script, show them how to do the entire scene step by step.

>> Do not cast someone just because he/she looks good. Keep in mind that the audience does not care how good an actor looks but they do care about how well they act. So always cast people based on their acting skills not their looks. Another factor to keep in mind while casting is age, make sure that your actor matches the age of the character you wrote. Many beginner filmmakers make this mistake of casting an actor for a role that does not matches their character's age. For example, a young boy/girl cannot play the role of a politician in your short film because of the age mismatching.

>> Most of us try to cast our friends and family to reduce the budget and inconvenience, but this time try getting in touch with other short filmmakers and see if you could cast an actor who have acted before in short films. This will not only reduce your role of teaching acting to your friend but will also give your short film a more professional look. There are many theatre artists from big cities that you can get in touch with. Theatre artists are very well trained and do not need much rehearsal. They also understand what the audience wants. Trust me even one such actor can add much value to your short film.

You can also make Facebook posts and groups regarding acting roles


How to Get a Film Crew:

Now, when it comes to arranging a crew for your short film, there are different roles that you'll have to assign to various crew members. Here is a list of roles that you can arrange easily for free without hiring anyone.


⦁ Producer: 

A person who decides the budget and invests in your short film. Personally, we do not recommend that you find a producer for your short film because as a beginner filmmaker, it will be hardly possible for you to earn enough money from your short film. To win a film festival, you'll have to make one of the best short films in the world and that is a very difficult for a beginner. So, in order to budget your short film either you'll have to do it by yourself or you can ask your cast and crew, family and friends to invest a little bit.

how to find director for a short films

⦁ Director:

A Director plays the most important role in the success of a short film. Most of the time in the short filmmaking world, the one who writes the short film is the one who directs it because he or she is the only one who understands the complete short film. If you want to learn about short film direction, you can do it easily by reading our post about Direction.

⦁ Cameraman:

A person who operates the entire camera work of your short film. It is better to have a good cameraman in your crew because he is the one who captures the short film and the audience sees it t. Most of the time the one who writes the short film is the one who directs it and handles the camera work too. But, it is good to have a separate cameraman for your short film. We would recommend you to ask one of your friends who do photography because believe it or not there are many similarities between photography and videography and a good photographer knows the timing and angles to capture a perfect shot. If you do not have such friend, you can learn to do good camera work from our complete camera guide.

how to find sound operator for a short film

⦁ Sound Operator:

Sound operator is the person who records sound while shooting on set with the help of different microphones. In case you do not have budget to buy microphone or recorder or do not have a person to record the sound on set, then what you can do is record the sound separately and sync it properly with the video in the editing process of your short film. Or you can ask any one of your friends for help. It is not a difficult task at all; anyone can learn it from our production post about handling sound equipment.

how to find lightining for a short film

⦁ Lighting Person:

Lighting is a very important part of the shooting process because it gives a very professional look to a scene. Without proper lighting, your short film might not look as good as it could have. If you are a beginner and do not know how to create good lighting, then avoid shooting in dark. If you or someone from your crew wants to learn about lighting, then read our post about lighting.

how to find video editor for a short film

⦁ Video Editor:

Sometime a video editor is also called the second director of your short film because he is the one who can make a scene look very professional even if it was not shot that good. For video editing, you can reach out to friends who know video editing. In case you do not know such person, then you can learn about video editing from our step by step tutorial on video editing.

how to find dress and makeup artist for a short film

⦁ Dress and Makeup Artist: 

Dress and makeup is something that depends on the genre of your short film. You can ask someone from your friends or family who has some knowledge about fashion and makeup to do this job but keep in mind that there are two types of makeup.

A) Simple: 

A makeup done on your actors to make them look good on camera.

B) SFX Makeup: 

A makeup done on your actors to give them a look specific to a horror or action short film, including blood, skin tears, etc.


Even though you have found the people perfect to be part of your film, it is not an easy task to convince them to work with you for free. There are certain things that you'll have to keep in mind while convincing them.

a) If you met someone who is a complete stranger, do not rush into asking him for work. Take some time and become friends and when you think that he can be trusted then start discussing about work.

b) When you find someone who has already worked in some other short films, tell him all the benefits he/she will get after working with you, besides money. Unless you explain these things to him, there are hardly any chances of someone working with you for free.

c) While convincing others to work for your short film, show them how dedicated you are for it and also how hard you are going to work for it. After that they will take you more seriously and trust you.

Those are all the people you'll need for your crew. But, if you want a professional crew to help you for free, you will have to build strong connection in the short filmmaking community. To do so, you'll have to reach out to film schools and ask if you could help some students with their projects. Join some Facebook groups of short filmmakers and help them first. By doing so, you will have a good network of people that you can ask later for help as crew for your short film.


Always remember to take people as cast and crew who are passionate and hardworking like you and they should also have faith in you because most of the short films starts but never finishes because their cast and crew members were not serious and left in between by making excuses. Getting the right cast and crew can take some time, but be patient with it because at the end it will all be worth it. And, once you’ve found the right people it’s time to win the competition. Good luck!e


Well that's it on how to Easily find cast and crew. If you like this article then please share it and if you have any suggestions regarding to script writing then comment them down below.

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